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 R Solutions - Networking

Choosing the right wireless router can make all the difference between a home network that technically works, and one that flies. Our top picks for wireless AC and wireless N routers are below. 

R Solutions - Streaming Media

Streaming media devices are changing the way entertainment is being consumed and distributed. Here are our top 4 Streaming Media Devices. 

RS Solutions - Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers for Any Occasion - great for outdoors, entertaining or on the go.

R Solutions - Portable Power Banks

A portable power bank is a charging device that at its core is a rechargeable battery. You charge it just like you would a phone or tablet. When the power bank is charged, you can plug in your favorite mobile device, such as a cell phone or e-reader, to recharge on the go. Some power banks can even charge larger devices like tablets and Bluetooth speakers.

Below are five key features to help you choose the right power bank:
1. mAh – Stands for milliamp hours. The higher the number, the longer the charge or the more times you can charge your device with the power bank. However, with a higher number, it will also take longer to recharge the power bank.
2. Amps – Most tablets and some phones require at least 2.1 and up to 2.4 amps to charge the device. The power bank will typically have this rating on the packaging.
3. Ports – Multiple USB ports can allow for simultaneous charging of multiple devices at once. Great for families with several devices to help power through the travel time on a road trip.
4. Size – A personal choice based on what works best for you. Several size options are available, including slim, credit card or pocket size. Note that there is often a trade off in charging capacity and power bank size.
5. Features – It’s not uncommon to see a power bank with added features like a flashlight, speaker or even a laser. Though we admit we’re still holding out hope for a light saber power bank. 


R Solutions - Digital Fitness

Anytime is a great time to get healthy. RadioShack can help you find the best fitness tracker so you can reach those fitness goals!